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How I Can Help Your Business

Ogilvie Marketing is me – Mark Ogilvie. I provide expert and affordable marketing services for smaller businesses.

I'm good at working with smaller businesses

Why? - because I can cover everything you need doing without charging an arm and a leg. And because I understand the fundamentals of marketing, so I'll make sure you only do the marketing you need to do - and don't do what isn't necessary.

What I do

There are 3 basic things I can do for you –

  • marketing activities – constructing websites and writing website copy, producing printed materials such as fliers and signage, build and run AdWords campaigns, sales literature and customer presentations, market research, writing newsletters and case studies, press releases
  • advice and recommendations to help you manage and steer your business
  • producing other stuff for your business – writing and printing training materials, writing grant applications, writing questionnaires

I also deliver training workshops on marketing for small businesses.

Marketing is simple - that's what makes it tricky

Marketing is simple. It consists of 3 steps –

  1. identifying something that a particular group of people want or need
  2. making it available to them at a price they will pay
  3. telling them it exists and leading them to a transaction

Now, this isn't what most people think of as marketing. They think of marketing as the last step before a sale. But I don't agree - I believe marketing is a process that runs right through your business, and will help make it more profitable and more secure.

You’re the expert on producing the things your business sells. I’ll help you explain to your customers why you’re so good, and make them want to buy things from you.